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    Technical Application
    • Conventional Concrete Application Instruction-Vibrated Concrete Application Instruction
    • Basic Patch Fever
    Ceramic Fiber Products

    SUPERREF sells ceramic fiber products in various types that are required for heat insulation in refractory applications.

    Isolation Brick

    SÜPERREF; sells insulation bricks necessary for heat insulation in refractory applications.

    Curved Casting Blocks

    Melted Casting Blocks are special products used in Glass Ovens and Rolling Mill Ovens. Melted Casting Blocks are produced by melting pure oxides at about 1950 ° C and casting them into molds. General characteristics of Melted Casting Blocks; – low porosity – high thermal shock resistance – high erosion resistance at high temperatures – high chemical corrosion resistance at high temperatures

    Calcium Silicate Plate

    SÜPERREF; In refractory applications, it sells calcium silicate plates in various dimensions required for thermal insulation. Calcium silicate platelets are asbestos-free insulation products. These products with high thermal resistance are used in the backing areas below 1000 C of industrial furnaces. General usage areas are Steel, Cement, Lime, Glass and Ceramic industry. General characteristics of calcium silicate plates; – low thermal conductivity – low thermal conductivity – low density – high thermal stability