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    About Us


    SUPERREF Ateş Mukavim Material Sanayi A.Ş. Süperateş has been established with the aim of providing the best quality products with the most suitable quality to the customers that it has been serving for 50 years by evaluating the knowledge and experience of the team in the world. Our company manufactures traditional refractory products in the areas of iron and steel, non-ferrous metals, cement, lime, glass, paper, energy, petro-chemistry, ceramics and waste incineration with its own know how and performs production follow-up. and after the technical service.

    SUPERREF has started its activities as of 2016.

    SUPERREF has implemented a new organizational model to closely follow global trends and changing needs of our customers and to create added value through continuous improvement efforts. Our technical staff are very experienced in R & D, production, sales and marketing. The new management style, customer relationships and service model make SUPERREF a strong, reliable and specialized supplier.

    SUPERREF’s main products and services include magnesium-carbon bricks, alumina magnesia-carbon bricks, alumina-silicon carbide-carbon (ASC) bricks, high alumina bricks and alumina-silica bricks, silica bricks for coke ovens, alumina and magnesia castable and mortars, tundish accessory refractories, melting furnace casting blocks for glass factories and rolling mills, ingot casting blocks, direct bonded magnesium chrome dense refractories, accessories and insulation products, steel anchors.